The Perfect Pair for Acne Prone Skin: Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up’

I know that the rookie beauty blogger mistake is to create a blog post on something that has been raved on about by a tonne of people already but I couldn’t resist doing this post. I’ve been on a huge foundation hunt recently after truly breaking into the world of foundations and obviously, the Wake Me Up foundation was near the top of my list.

I’ve spoken about this foundation on several occasions already, actually, in things like my September Favourites video and I really have been loving it for quite some time now. The texture is rather gel-like which is rather different from most foundations that I’ve tried before. This gel-like substance makes working it in a bit of a challenge so I recommend using a buffing brush to make sure you don’t leave any streaky patches (however, I personally find using my fingers a lot easier). Because it’s a hard one to work it, it’s a very thick substance which consequently has pretty high coverage. It leaves my skin feeling pretty flawless and eradicates some of the small bumps from acne on my face. However, this thick substance can leave me feeling a bit sweaty on my face at times and because this is a dewy foundation and I have oily skin, this foundation wasn’t very fun to wear throughout the summer so I put it to a side for a while until it began to get cold again a few weeks ago and thought it was fantastic once again. I think this actually pretty good even though I didn’t love it at first. Perhaps one for the normal to dry skin crew out there more than the oily bunch of us but if you are oily then it’s a great one to wear around this time of year!

Because I liked this foundation so much, I decided to go and pick up the concealer to match last week when I ran out of everyone’s favourite Lasting Perfection concealer from Collection. I’ve been wanting to try the concealer ever since I heard Tanya Burr rave about it earlier on this year and it had been sitting on my wish list for ages. Now, my opinions on this concealer are a little bit different to my opinions on the foundation. Firstly, the foundations do not make the concealers. I’m soft beige in the foundation so I bought the concealer of the same name… stupid mistake. In fact, the concealer version of the colour is a lot darker so my under eyes seem to have a bit of a weird smokey eye look to them at the moment. However, even though I do find the colour range a bit crappy, the coverage isn’t all too bad. At first, I thought that the coverage was a bit crap and wasn’t very good over spots or on my horrible under eyes (which are two problems that really need a very high coverage concealer) but after it had dried, the coverage wasn’t all too bad at all. I’d probably describe it as having a medium to high coverage which is quite similar to the coverage in the Collection concealer. A pretty good one for the people with acne prone skin once again. Also, a lovely foundation that doesn’t look cakey at all.

The Rimmel London Wake Me Up foundation is available for £8.99, here and the Rimmel London Wake Me Up concealer is available for £5.49, here.

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