The Autumn Nail Polish Edit

I really wanted to make an Autumn beauty edit video earlier on this month but I decided that I was far off of having enough season makeup to make a video like that. However, I knew that I did have enough ‘seasonal’ nail polish to make a blog post! So today, I’m going to be talking you through my favourite nail polish picks that put me in the Autumn mood ranging from polishes that you may have seen before to some new polishes that I’ve only recently discovered this season!
One of my favourite colours ever is blue (I’m actually wearing blue right now) so after having had a fabulous summer filled with mint green and pastel blue nail polish, I really didn’t want to get rid of blue from my fingers (does that even make sense?) So, I decided that I’d need to head into the dark blue territory which is a sort of colour that I’m usually not a fan of at all. However, I managed to find a few really nice colours. The first is Revlon Colorstay in Midnight which I actually reviewed a week or so ago and you can check that blog post out here.  It’s a colour that I came across on the hunt for a colour that was like Essie’s After School Boy Blazer but a prettier shade of blue and it’s perfect in my opinion. The other blue that I love is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Gray by Gray which is a colour that I know I’ve raved on about several times before this month. This is a beautiful deep blue that had grey undertones so it leans more towards being a light blue, too. Such a beautiful colour.
Staying with the grey kind of colours is the newest paint to my collection, Essie For The Twill Of It. I wore this colour last week and found it so interesting. It’s a grey colour in the bottle with hints of green but when you’re out and about, you realise that it can also look blue or even purple! As always, the formula is absolutely fantastic and the brush is brilliant at making sure that an even amount of paint goes onto your nail. Another winnder from Essie. Cool is the best word I can use to describe it.
Now onto the typical Autumn colours, we have Nails Inc Jermyn Street which is a ‘pooey’ brown (I think poo is a good way to describe it). I really like this colour because it feels like a nude but a bit darker when matched with my skin tone; a darker version of Porchester Square in my opinion. Another lovely autumnal colour is Revlon Charasmatic which is a gorgous peachy orange. It reminds me of Autumn leaves and really is a classy orange colour. The formula is also really creamy like the other Revlon paint that I’ve mentioned in this post and the bottle holds a good amount of product, too! 
Last but not least is one of my favourite Essie nails polishes ever, Essie Fear and Desire. I wore this on several occasions throughout summer and I’m so glad that I’ve managed to squeeze it into this blog post, too. The colour that comes out is the colour that you can see in the bottle and it only takes about two coats to get the gorgeous opaque colour. One if you’re feeling very daring but perfect for parties or nights out.
What are your favourite Autumn nail polishes?

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