Happy Light makes a Happy Shaun

I think I need to start this post by apologising for the lack of Shaunyland action that there’s been in the past fortnight. I haven’t posted on here in a week! It’s crazy! I promise that I’ll keep up with blogging more as time progresses but I’ve been stupidly busy over the past few weeks that making videos has even been a struggle!
Today I’m going to be talking about a product that I’ve previously shared my thoughts on which are rather different to the impressions I have on it now. This is the Bourjois Happy Light foundation (£11.99) which was released at the start of the season. It only took me about a fortnight to decide that I needed this product in my life and my opinions wavered for a while. At first, I was in love. I thought that it was airbrush in a bottle, despite the fact that the colours were a bit crap. Then, after a week or so, my thoughts began to waver and I decided that I actually didn’t like this product very much at all. I began to think that this product make me skin look weird and clung onto the bad parts of my skin. However, after having made my opinion public in my Disappointing Products video, I decided that my true opinion on this product was actually quite different. I realised that it was because my skin has been drastically changing because of the weather (my skin has recently gone from super oily to almost uncomfortably dry) which has made my skin a terrible base for makeup.
The foundation promises to correct your imperfection to give you a flawless and luminous complexion that looks the same in every light and I think that, too an extent, I can safely say that this promise is met. I do find that my skin looks pretty much the same in any light (so I don’t get any scary sights when passing a window or a mirror throughout my day) and I do find that it does leave my skin feeling brighter thanks to the dewy finish of the foundation. However, I do have a major issue with this foundation. For some reason, the colours are totally different to the colours in the other Bourjois foundations! I’m usually 53 in Bourjois foundations but I buy 52 most of the time just so that I can play around with bronzer. Naturally, I did the same with this foundation and bought it in 52 but the colour is considerably darker – more like 54! Something to look out for if you’re going to pick up this foundation.
If you have normal/leaning towards combination and oily skin then I highly recommend this product. I think that, if paired with a good concealer, can make your skin look drastically better than other foundations can. However, if you have drier skin then I don’t think this foundation is for you. It doesn’t quite dry dewy enough to cover up the dry flakes that appear on your skin throughout the day and that just ruin the whole ‘flawless finish’ idea.

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