Motivational Monday #10 – Cut, Print, Moving On

Motivational Monday’s are finally back! I haven’t written a Motivational Monday blog post since August after I started ‘the Week’ blog posts and I decided that doing two weekly-recurring blog posts was a bit dull. Since then, I’ve stopped writing ‘the Week’ blog posts, too, so I thought it was about time that a Motivational Monday post made an appearance! 
Today, I want to talk about moving forward through life. I recently finished a blog post/YouTube video ideas notebook so I went on a hunt through my notebook collection to find a new one and came across a really old Moleskine notebook of mine that was originally owned by my aunt. My aunt is very much a motivational person (part of her job is counselling) so she’s very good with quotes and on the inside cover of the notebook reads: “Each step you take should be a conscious move forward to what you want”. This got me to thinking: Do I make sure that every step I take is towards the goals that I want to reach in the future? Or do I allow myself to become distracted by things that are truly a colossal waste of my time?
Carrie Fletcher (a popular YouTuber who is currently playing Eponine in Les Mis) posted a video last week entitled The Value of Time which also got me thinking about the exact same thing. Do we just not realise that we waste a heck of a lot of time that could be used for preparing our futures? I mean, sure, it’s irritating to do huge bits of homework sometimes or to write a blog post (yes, sometimes, I find writing a blog post very tedious) but surely that small window of time is worth the slight struggle if you know that what you’re doing is going to be very valuable to you in the end?
I realised that the only way you can make the conscious effort to move forward in life and to achieve your goals is to cut the strings that are holding you down and letting you be the person that you’re not liking very much at the moment: a time waster. I’ve found myself having to cut some strings that I actually found pretty difficult to cut recently and now that I’ve done it, I know that I can spend a lot more time focusing on things that truly matter to both me and to my future.
Sometimes I wonder to myself why I’m feeling a bit down or why I’m not doing what I know I should be doing and I usually realise that it’s because I’m pre-occupied by doing something that isn’t valuable and that I don’t have to do. If we all took a moment to sit down and re-evaluate the situation that we’re in, cutting the strings that need to be cut to help us become better and more forward-thinking people, then our lives would be a lot happier.

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