The Maybelline Colour Tattoos

If you watch most (or all) of my videos then you probably looked at the title of this blog post and thought something along the lines of “bloody hell, get over them already” and the truth is simply that I cannot. These things are incredible. I’ve been waiting until I managed to get together a fair proportion of the collection the write this blog post so that I could show you all the best of the best in a way.

In the UK, I don’t think I’ve managed to find any more than 12 colours so I presume I have half of the collection. On and On Bronze is possibly the most popular shade from the range. Known as – in America, it’s a great nude colour that’s easy to wear for day and night and is really subtle (I manage to get away with wearing this colour to school if I feel like my eyes need a bit of brightening up). Other good colours for this are Pink Gold and Metallic Pomegranate. Pink Gold (for some reason, Superdrug list it as Eternal Pink) is the lightest colour from the collection so it’s the easiest colour to wear. It’s the best colour to use as a base to pressed powder shadows (in my opinion) and it’s also the most subtle way of brightening your eyes if you really can’t get away with wearing any makeup at all to work/school. Metallic Pomegranate on the other hand is a deep red colour that’s great if you really want a pop off colour. It’s my personal favourite from my ever-growing collection and the slight shimmer in it (there’s shimmer in all of the shadows I have bar one) makes it pop and makes your eyes look even more awake.
Now onto that non-shimmery colour: Permanent Taupe. I bought this colour after hearing reviews about it all over the blogosphere but I really can’t quite get my head around why this product is supposedly so fantastic. I wore it one day and my mum asked me how I’d got a black eye overnight! The totally matte finish to the shadow makes your eye quite literally look like a shadow has fallen onto it so it’s a terrible colour to wear on its own. However, I have seen some very shimmery Illamasqua shadows from their new collection that I know would look fantastic with this colour as a base (you can find the Illamasqua shadows here).
Finally, we have two very random blue shades that I’ve managed to acquire – Everlasting Navy and Turquoise Forever. Everlasting Navy is my favourite of the two. It’s a very rich blue which makes the eye really pop (rather like a blue version of Metallic Pomegranate) but it’s obviously a very statement shade. We also have Turquoise Forever which is obviously more on the greeny side of things. Beautifully shimmery and really reminds me of kids face paint for some reason! Both are perfect for a night out I’d think (especially if it was paired with a blue eyeliner – the Urban Decay 24/7 ones look the best for that job) or fantastic for an underwater makeup look (tutorial coming soon me thinks…)

Now onto the specs of how the shadows work and feel: these things are the creamiest things ever. I’m honestly so surprised that these things only cost a fiver because the quality is fantastic. They’re so easy to spread over the lid (I think I finger does this better than a brush but it’s a personal preference) and then dry really quickly so if you have normal/dry eyelids then they won’t budge all day! However, if you have oily eyelids like myself then I recommend a decent eyelid primer because they do crease on me.

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