The Hype: Bioderma ‘Crealine’ Cleansing Water

If you’ve just opened up this blog post wondering what the heck this product is then you obviously haven’t been paying any attention to one of the biggest beauty phenomenons ever. Bioderma is a French skincare brand that is notorious for a very wide range of very good quality skincare products and their most raved about product has to be the product that I’m talking about today.
The idea is that you squirt some of the product onto a cotton wool pad and swipe across your face to remove makeup and also cleanse your skin. The idea has more recently been replicated in the UK by L’Oreal (blog post about that here) but being a huge fan of the L’Oreal dupe, I’m really torn between which one I like more. 
The battle is very difficult to judge. The L’Oreal ‘dupe’ removes makeup well and doesn’t irritate my skin with only one cotton wool pad. However, the Bioderma cleanser removes makeup that I didn’t even know was on my face and manages to cleanse at the same time but with twice as many cotton wool pads. The Bioderma original works deep into the skin to extract every last bit drag of makeup that could be there and leaves your skin feeling cleaner and smoother due to it’s water-like qualities (hence the ‘H20’ in the title – it honestly feels like water on your skin!)
Now, “why should I spend around £10 on a product on something that is practically rather deep cleaning water when I can buy makeup wipes from Boots?” I hear you ask: because this product is incredibly good for you skin compared to makeup wipes! I’m sure I’ve mentioned on far too many occasions that my skin naturally (and most of the time) looks like a pit of bubbling lava due to acne that is almost impossible to get rid of (what a lovely image for you all there) and this product has managed to keep my skin at a stable condition! It works fantastically as a pre-cleanse before my Bioderma cleanser (blog post on that very soon) and is very effective in removing my makeup… and I put on a heck of a lot of face makeup.
However, when it comes to me recommending this product to you all, that’s a very different scenario altogether. If you have very sensitive skin or acne prone skin like I do, I highly recommend this product or even try the sensitive skin version (a product that I’m most certainly going to be trying very soon). However, if you have perfectly fine skin then the difference between the L’Oreal dupe that retails at a fiver and this product that varies in the UK from being around £10+ depending on where you buy it from is uncanny – I actually struggle to tell much difference between the two! I do think that the L’Oreal dupe is fantastic and if you have a slightly tighter budget then that’s a perfect option to go for; but if you have a slightly larger budget and are willing to spend a tenner on a makeup remover (I know I am!) then this product is definitely worth the hype.
You can buy the Bioderma cleansing water from many stand-alone London pharmacies, most French pharmacies or on many online pharmacies like this one.

3 thoughts on “The Hype: Bioderma ‘Crealine’ Cleansing Water

  1. This is the best bioderma review I've ever read, possibly one of the best reviews ever? I've wanted to try this for so long but it's so difficult to get a hold of that I can never quite get around to it. You've definitely sold it to me, really informative post. I can't believe you're 14?! The way you write is so sophisticated, I'm an English Literature student I ought to know. Congratulations seriously, you should be proud of yourself. Lovely, lovely blog. xx


  2. Bloody hell (excuse my language) but that is honestly one of the nicest things I have ever read. I'm honestly stumped for words as to how to respond to that comment. Thank you so much :') x


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