Barry M ‘Natural Glow’ Shadow & Blush Palette

I was in Boots a good month ago and I decided to take a look at what was new at the Barry M nail varnish stand. However, my attention was drawn to three new palettes that they’ve just released and after having been playing on my mind for a few weeks, I decided to head in there and give the neutral offering a try.
The palette is obviously trying to be a knock off of the Urban Decay Naked palette (the actual packaging is pretty much a cheap carbon copy) and the colours are a pretty good attempt at a knock off as well. We have a few good tries as copying colours like Sin, Buck, Gunmental, Sidecar and Creep. However, when it comes to quality, these are in no way comparable.
If you’re looking for some rich pigment that’s going to give your eyes a great POW of colour then these shadows are most certainly not for you. The colours don’t give very much colour at all and the texture of them resembles salt in my eyes as opposed to the creamy texture of the Urban Decay Naked palette shadows. I like to think of these colours as being perfect for a subtle wash of colour if you’re not an eyeshadow fan or you want to keep your eye makeup on the down low.
As for the blush, it’s pretty much a block of shimmery crap. It’s also so badly pigmented that you can hardly see the swatch on my arm in the photo above! It pretty much looks like you’ve put some Pritt stick on your cheeks and dipped your face in glitter; a part of the palette that was very, very quickly forgotten.
The Barry M Natural Glow palette is available for £6.49 in Boots and Superdrug stores and is also available online, here.

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