Soap & Glory "Kick-Ass" Concealer

The very reason that I started Shaunyland was so that I could talk about beauty products and brands that I adore. The first brand that I ever spoke of (and the brand that made me fall in love with all things beauty related) was Soap & Glory. I was addicted to buying all of their bath and body products (I still am…) and recently, I decided to give their makeup line a try.
I’m not going to deny that I was very hesitant about trying their makeup line; I knew that if I didn’t like a product from the makeup line then I would be totally turned off by the entire brand and would eventually regret even going near their makeup concession. All the same, I took the plunge and bought two of their face products the other week and was pleasantly surprised.
The topic of today’s blog post is the Soap & Glory “Kick-Ass” Concealer. Now one thing that my horribly blemished face needs is a damn good concealer to do some good covering up; if a brand doesn’t have a perfect concealer for me then I know that there is no point in buying any base products from them whatsoever. Sadly, this means that I won’t be buying any base products from Soap & Glory any time soon. It’s not that I totally hate this product and have disregarded it entirely but it just hasn’t done what I want it to do!
Let’s talk about how this thing works: the kit comes in a small plastic kit set which has two layers. The bottom layer offers a brightening under eye concealer for those panda eye days, and a darker concealer designed to hide those unwanted blemishes. The top layer offers a mirror for on-the-go touch-ups, a setting powder for the concealer (preferably for the under eyes), and a pad to apply the powder with.
When I first used this concealer, I was impressed. I thought that the product had wonderfully high coverage and made me feel as though my skin looked totally flawless. Nevertheless, as time progressed, I began to realise that this magical effect was beginning to wear off and the product was suddenly becoming rather the opposite to what I wanted; a messy faff which made my blemishes look even worse and totally dried out my skin! 
As I got nearer to pulling together this post, I’ve realised that this product isn’t just as bad as I thought it was. The concealer may well not have perfect coverage and it may well not be as hydrating as a liquid concealer, but it still makes a very good base to whichever concealer I feeling like applying over the top. For £10, I think it’s worth a try to see if the initial impact it had on me lasts for you. But don’t say I didn’t warn you…

The Soap & Glory “Kick-Ass” concealer is available for £10 in Boots stores and online, here.

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