Christmas Eve Traditions

My family aren’t religious so Christmas has always been a commercial holiday in our household since I was little; putting up the same decorations every year and preparing food days in advance. 
One day that’s particularly special in the festive season is Christmas Eve, the day where everything is put into place for the coming two days. Christmas Eve in my house includes many different traditions so, because it’s Christmas Eve today (in case you hadn’t noticed), I thought I’d share them with you.
Wrapping the presents
School finishes on the Friday before Christmas so I always have my friend’s presents wrapped and given out a week or so before the big day. Even though my friend’s treats are packaged and gone, my family’s gifts are not. I tend to see all of the family that I buy presents for on Christmas Day itself so I usually end up leaving my family’s presents for a while longer so that I have time to grab some final bits and bobs and enjoy the wrapping process as opposed to rushing it all on the Thursday night before the final day of school. In our house, the chosen day is Christmas Eve; nothing seems to be more festive than sitting down with a cup of tea whilst watching some Christmas specials of our favourite TV shows and wrapping.
Choosing the Christmas telly
A modern tradition that we adopted a few years back was going through the TV guide and circling the television that we want to watch. For some reason, we all find great pleasure in fighting over which Christmas special to watch and which one to record… it’s very stressful.
Opening one Christmas present
I’ve recently discovered that I’m not part of the only household that opens a Christmas gift the night before Christmas. Every Christmas Eve evening, each person in the household (who has come of an age where good ol’ Saint Nick isn’t bringing your presents) is given a small gift to open that they could use to entertain themselves on the long road that is 9pm on Christmas Eve to 8am on Christmas morning. Although this year, we’re doing the tradition a bit differently. Abbie came to our house the other week and suggested opening Christmas pyjamas instead… thank you for inspiring the dullest idea ever.

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