Shaunyland in 2014

The new year used to be such a huge thing in my mind; I’d plan out all my New Year’s resolutions way in advance and get ready for transforming into this perfect person at the strike of midnight who was committed to all of their resolutions and never made a slip-up. This year, though, I’ve realised that New Year really shouldn’t be like that because we all know too well that sticking to New Year’s resolutions is near on impossible. So, I left this blog post unwritten until today (New Year’s Day for me) and decided that now was the best time to decide the resolutions that I’m going to try and work on throughout 2014.

Keeping on top of blogging // I only joined the blogasphere last January (more of that in a few weeks time…) so being totally perfect is obviously not expected, but I always disappoint myself when I don’t upload blog posts when I had planned to or upload videos every single Sunday. So, a resolution for this year is to keep on top of the blogging and vlogging and make sure that everything is planned and ready to go when I want it to. In 2014, I propose to post three blog posts every week on a Tuesday, Thursday and a Saturday. This way, I’ve not over subscribed myself to writing a new post everyday which eventually ends up with me running out of products to talk about too quickly and ultimately, loosing the urge to post. I also propose to upload a video every single Sunday without fail because that seems to be something I’ve failed at on a few occasions.

Don’t stray from beauty // Shaunyland was always designed to be a webspace where I spoke about things that I liked but predominantly beauty and I think the end part of 2013 has shown that pretty well. However, even though I enjoy talking about things randomly and doing the ‘lifestyle’ stuff, I do want to try and stay as beauty focused as possible because that is what the vast majority of my subscribers and followers are looking for. So, I’ve taken a look and roughly planned blog posts and videos very far into the year already and I propose to only talk about things beauty related from mid-January to at least the middle of Spring. This way, Shaunyland will securely be a beauty-based platform and I’ll be happier with the content that I’m producing.

Pay more attention to my blog // Last year when I started to bring Shaunyland to life, I was more focused on my blog than on YouTube. However, as time has progressed and we’ve got further and further into my first year of blogging, my blog has taken the back seat slightly and has started playing my YouTube channel’s sidekick as opposed to both of them being equally accessible and important platforms. So, in 2014, I propose to pay more attention to my blog and to try and get my blog ‘out there’.

I have many more resolutions that I’m going to try my best to enforce in 2014 but I don’t want this blog post to be too long for you so I’ll stop here.

I hope you all had a fantastic Winter break and I wish you all a prosperous New Year.

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