That Hydraluron thingy

The title of this post is an accurate portrayal of how I felt about Hydraluron before I looked into it and consequently, bought myself a tube; I had no effing idea as to what it was. I’m not even going to lie to you guys: until Hydraluron came into bathroom, I had never tried a serum before *hears all of your gasps*. Yes, I know that serums are important for making your skin do things like ‘glow from within’ or stay more hydrated (in this case), but I’d never thought that I needed one. Nevertheless, I looked into what Hydraluron was to help quench my curiosity and promptly discovered that it’s a serum designed to boost the effect that your moisturiser (or anything that you use post-serum) gives. Considering I had rather oily skin at the time and I still have rather combination skin now, this product seemed like the last thing that my already well moisturised face needed… boy was I wrong.

I took a visit to Suzi’s blog, Hello October (link – here) and read about her opinions and knowledge of the product. After reading the post a few times through, I soon discovered that this product is designed for all skin types. So, I headed down to Boots and picked up a tube for a third of the price off and made my way home to give it a good go.
Almost a month on I know it’s going to be hard for me to replace this serum with another one (I’m talking to you Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate). The dry patches that my winter-induced combination skin was experiencing were soon eradicated after Hydraluron gave my moisturiser a boost. You only need the smallest amount of serum to cover the whole face with a thin layer (it seriously needs to be smaller than a pea-sized amount) and your skin is prepped and primed for a good helping of your favourite moisturiser. My skin also feels a lot smoother, softer, and healthier; something that I haven’t really been seeing since the beautiful summer we had last year. 
Thank you Indeed Labs for creating such a helpful product. Bad Shaun for taking so long to realise. 

2 thoughts on “That Hydraluron thingy

  1. I only think it's available in the UK I'm afraid – I remember watching an American person's UK Beauty haul and this was something that she 'had to make sure to get' 😦


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