Spotted in Allure: Round Two

This post is a sequel post to a similar article that I wrote back in 2013 all about American beauty products that I’ve seen advertised in Allure magazine (an American beauty magazine) that I am now lusting after. If you haven’t seen the first ‘Spotted in Allure’ post then you can take a look here.
Covergirl Hunger Games makeup // I’m not the biggest fan of the whole Hunger Games franchise but the advertisement for both the movie and these new collections from Covergirl make me want some of their new stuff so. badly. I may not be one for really bold colours but this stuff looks amazing.
Josie Maran makeup // I cannot even express to you how badly I want to try some of the Josie Maran line (I’m actually getting so excited right now that I am struggling to type). I have heard nothing but good things about the line from American people like MakeupTIA (link – here) or Brits that have taken recent trips to the States. There’s also a very impressive looking line of skincare products available from Sephora too. 
Maybelline ‘The Falsies’ Big Eyes // A few weeks back, I jumped on the Falsies bandwagon and instantly fell in love, so looking back through Allure now and looking at some of the things that I had listed as being ‘unavailable in the UK’, this most certainly has to make the cut. I’m always on the hunt for a good bottom lash and top lash mascara duo and the fact that I can have one of my new favourite mascaras for both!?

Maybelline Color Elixirs // I first heard about these from Liana Beauty (link – here) and I was instantly intrigued. I imagine this as being a hybrid between the Sleek Matte Me lip paints and the Rimmel Apocalips? Even though I only liked the former product, the adorable packaging and dreamy colour range look pretty nice indeed.
Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Polish // I haven’t quite decided what excites me more yet: the idea of a whole collection of scented nail polishes, or the beautiful packaging that these polishes come in. Revlon released their new line of scented nail polishes that actually look like bottles of Jo Malone perfumes back at the start of Fall and I am still waiting for these beauties to be brought into my local Revlon concession.
C’mon British beauty product stockists, get your act together; we want American cosmetics.

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