Soap & Glory’s ‘One Heck of A Blot’

I said a while back that I was taking a true dislike to the Rimmel Stay Matte powder and that I was on the hunt for a new one. I wasn’t really up for a high end powder because, essentially, it’s only a powder. Why on Earth would I want to spend near-on £30 for something to set some makeup when I know well that products from Boots do the job perfectly. So, after doing my research, I was educated to know that the Soap & Glory ‘One Heck of A Blot’ powder was the perfect purchase…
It’s hard to write a long post about a powder because, essentially, it is just something to help set your makeup and look a bit less oily. Even so, this powder manages to execute that job perfectly. I like to use the Real Techniques Setting Brush to take the powder under the eyes over my under eye concealer which sets it perfectly and manages to make my under eye area look really smooth (I even got compliments on multiple occasions so it really must be doing the job). I do the same kind of thing over concealer that I’ve put on blemishes and any dodgy bits of foundation that look awkward.
I also use it for oil control pre-complexion / post-base so that any horribly shiny patches are kept at bay and it works perfectly. I haven’t ever touched up throughout the day when using this powder and, even though the oil has seeped through by the end of the day (naturally), I don’t ever think to myself “God, I really wish I’d taken that out with me and had a touch-up at lunchtime”; exactly what I want.
Even though this powder has a hefty price tag for a drugstore product (coming in at about £12), I know that I’ll be repurchasing this little beauty for a very long time to come.  

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