NARS Smudge-Proof Eyeshadow Base

I am one of those people who have horribly oily eyelids and considering I’m an eyeshadow lover, this is a terrible thing. For a long time, I tried to avoid giving in to the gimmick of an eyeshadow primer and bought as many crew eyeshadow products as I could, however I soon realised that they started to crease of my and melt away even faster. So, without very much reluctance, I started my journey down the long road of eyeshadow primers.
The one that I knew I wanted was the NARS Smudge-Proof Eyeshadow Base. I also quickly discovered that I was lusting after the NARS ‘And God Created The Woman’ Eye Palette which came with a sample size of the eyeshadow primer for free, all in time for Christmas – perfect.

Even though I adore eyeshadow, I don’t wear it on a daily basis due to not being in the mood sometimes and of course because it’s a faff to put on before school on lazy mornings, so my opinions on this eyeshadow base aren’t going to be as in-depth as other reviews that I’ve seen but I can tell you that this is perfect. If you’ve tried the Urban Decay Primer Potion and have deemed it too creamy and heavy on your eyelids, then this is a much better alternative. Not only is the consistency lightweight but I also find that it blurs the imperfections on my eyelids due to the skin on your eyelids being pretty thin, making colours that are layered on top stand out a lot more.
Other little notes of mine about this product is that the packaging is rubberised like the vast majority of Nars products, and then I will most certainly be repurchasing this again as soon as I feel as though I start running out.
If you’re reading this post on the day of upload then keep your eyes peeled for a makeup tutorial going up on my YouTube channel tomorrow that includes this primer and the ‘And God Created The Woman’ eyeshadow palette (link to my channel here).

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