Soap & Glory ‘Peaches and Clean’

I thought that it was about time we revisited the world of skincare because there’s a product that I’ve been using that I really need to talk about; A product that, even though I’ve loved a lot in the past, has only finally been given it’s own little space on Shaunyland.
As soon as I finished my first bottle, my skin was already begging for another helping of the Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean deep purifying cleanser. Nonetheless, I powered through my skin begging for it and went on a hunt to find something even better (and along came the Bioderma Purifying Cleansing Gel). My pores were missing the nonabrasive and gentle cleansing qualities that the cleanser has to offer and my nostrils were missing the strong scent of fresh peaches every morning.
After a lot of umming and ahing, I eventually forgot about the cleanser and moved on. Then, Christmas came around and I was lucky enough to be gifted a ‘Yule Monty’ Christmas set which included this cleanser within. Being the eager beauty freak that I am. I immediately gave it the task of being my morning cleanse; a cleanse that needn’t be too harsh due to me only having washed my face around eight hours before, but strong enough to get rid of the crap that built up whilst I was asleep. Luckily, this small bottle of joy stood up to the mark and is working just as hard as it did before.
As you all know very well, I’m not the friend with the perfect skin. Acne has affected me very badly over the past three or four years and even though I think I might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (touch wood), my skin is still very sensitive. Even so, this cleanser is gentle enough to soothe my constantly irritated and sensitive skin whilst ridding my face of all the dirt and crap that lies beneath. The cleanser works as a milk that, when applied to a wet face, milks up even further to become this pretty cool creamy feeling mess. To get the best results, leave the cleanser on for about ten minutes and after you’ve physically felt it doing it’s magic, give it a rinse off (or a wipe off with a flannel or a muslin cloth) and voila!
Nice job S&G; you’ve made my Monday mornings a lot easier.

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