Concealers from Illamasqua

Let’s first talk about the Illamasqua concealer in 200. When I first opened this, I wondered why the concealer was so solid; it felt as though I was trying to put some nearly-dry clay onto my face. What I soon discovered was that this product really works best when kept in a warm place (my school blazer pocket seems to do the trick) because this way, the concealer is creamy enough to be able to put on blemishes easily and it also performs as an almost high coverage concealer – perfect for days when I’m wearing quite medium coverage foundations.
The other beauty (and possibly the star of the show) is the Illamasqua Under-Eye concealer in 200. Before I go in to this, I think I need to give you a little back story as to how my under-eyes work: There are three different types of under-eye baggy people on Earth. There are the people with under-eye bags that are so quiet, under-eye concealer is not required. There are then the people with the mediocre under-eye bags that could probably do with a little bit of concealer but it’s not really all to much of a problem is they don’t. Finally, there are the people who have such black under-eye bags, it almost looks as though they’ve fell asleep with mascara on. Do you know which category I fall under? Oh yes, the latter one. Since my under-eyes are such a big issue, finding a good under-eye concealer does prove be quite a challenge. Nonetheless, I’ve been using this pot of joy for just over a month now and my God this stuff does the job. 
Unlike the face concealer, this concealer is actually best when kept a bit cooler because it seems to be rather creamy as it is and making it warmer just makes it runny and sheer. Just a few dabbles of this under your eyes, a quick fix-up with the RT Foundation brush and the RT contour brush (both from the Real Techniques Core Collection) and you’re all good to go. Perfect.

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