The Hype: NARS Orgasm

I haven’t written a ‘the Hype’ blog post for quite some time and since I love giving in to a good hype, I suppose it is just about the right time. Today’s the hype post is about one of the most hyped higher end beauty products in the history of, well, ever. 
The product in question is the Queen of all Blushers, NARS Orgasm. Albeit the rather crude name, this blusher has quickly become my ultimate favourite and everything that the hype says it 100% true. Think of it this way: throw in a few spoonfuls of stunning packaging, a sprinkle of perfectly milled powder, a dash of perfect pigment and a few cups of gorgeous colour and voila! You have NARS Orgasm!
Let’s break it down a bit and talk about the packaging. Like they always do, the blush in packaged in their typical rubberised (and remarkably small when you first take a look at it) black packaging with a trusty mirror fitted to the inside of the lid; perfect for on the go touch-ups. It’s also some fantastic packaging due to it’s lightweight and sleek design making it perfect for those of you who travel regularly or like to do your makeup on the go. 
Even though the packaging is draw-droppingly beautiful (at least, it is to the beauty geek within me…), the product itself is just as good if not better. The powder isn’t too dense that you have to spend forever working it onto the brush but it’s a perfect blend of both dense enough to know that you won’t have large chunks coming off and ruining the whole makeup routine (hands up if you’ve ever had that happen to you, or is it just my bad luck?). To add to that, this blush also isn’t so pigmented that you get the nasty shock of looking like a clown when you’re half asleep in the morning, something that I know I always get when applying a Sleek blusher half asleep. It only takes your brush (my brush of choice if the Real Techniques Blush Brush) a couple of trips around the pan to pick up the perfect amount to give you a subtle yet effective blush effect.

Don’t mind me as I go and add another several NARS blushes to my SpaceNK online wish list…

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