La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+]

I mentioned in my review on the La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat moisturiser that I had never given the famous Effaclar Duo a go. After taking several trips to all of my local Boots stores, a couple of pharmacies and a few other La Roche Posay stockists, I finally stumbled across a tube of the new and updated edition of the same famous moisturiser: the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+].
If you’re a part of the blogging world then you will be well aware of the hype that surrounds this product and it’s rumoured ability to totally revive your skin and clear up break outs and acne. Obviously, intrigue got the better of me (because I’m always on the hunt for something new to help clear up my acne) and let me tell you that this stuff works. Even though I’ve only been using it for around a week, results are already apparent and I know that I have this product to thank.

To get the best results with this, apply a light layer of this to your face every morning and evening (I’ve been applying it without a serum to test how well it works by itself). By the morning, my skin feels like it would do with any other moisturiser (plump and soft to the touch), but my skin also feels a lot smoother than it did before I applied it and acne scaring and little pesky spots have vanished… magic?

The only slight problem that I have with this is the way the product comes out. Even though the packaging is attractive and expensive looking considering it only sets you back by around £12 (£15 from the 18th of February), the product leaves the tube by coming through a very small pipette-like funnel that I’ve only ever really known as being used on eye creams. Since the funnel is so small, you automatically presume that you won’t need as much product as you originally thought, but the same amount of moisturiser as you would usually use is required and therefore, it’s an almost pointless packaging feature. 

Nonetheless, this product does absolute wonders to your skin and I highly recommend it to anyone that has acne scaring or is trying to prevent breakouts at the moment. 

Watch this space for more Effaclar product reviews in the near future…

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