MAC Patisserie

I’ve had my beady eyes on MAC Patisserie ever since I saw it mentioned in one of Lily Pebbles’ videos at the start of 2013. Not only does the gorgeous MAC lipstick packaging make me weak at the knees, but this colour had me falling in love at first site. The perfect pinky nude for people with a slightly warmer skin tone like myself (do I have warm skin? I don’t know how to describe my complexion…), Patisserie offers the perfect lick of colour for day-to-day wear.
The story of how I acquired this lipstick in the end was an interesting one. The staff at my local MAC counter have intimidated me for quite some time now so I’ve never quite found the courage to just ask for “a Patisserie lipstick please” out of the blue. As a result, I’ve spent about three or so minutes every time that I visit the counter (which is how long it takes before I start getting dodgy looks from security guards) picking up and guessing which lipstick may well be Patisserie. This would have been a lot easier to find if people weren’t so annoying and swapped all the lipsticks around which makes it impossible to track down where the entire Lustre collection is, so it’s honestly taken me about six months worth of trips to finally get my paws on this damn thing. Random life story of weirdness over.

Patisserie is a Lustre finish so it leaves the lips feeling moisturised and smooth. The pigment is also pretty demi-sheer which adds to the whole nudey pink thing that’s going on with this lipstick pretty well. It’s also a good one to throw on lip balm-less because the moisturising and wet-looking nature of this lipstick glides over slightly chapped lips just as well as a Revlon lip butter would do.
I think that’s enough rambling about a single lipstick for one day. Only I could manage to turn a review into a 50% review and 50% crap story about my odd games that I like to play at the MAC counter.

2 thoughts on “MAC Patisserie

  1. Taking several trips to buy a lipstick reflects on MAC's SAs, not on you. Looks really good, natural but striking. I'm cool but I love a warm lip so might try this, esp. as it's sheer and moisturising.


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