Currently Loving: Essie’s ‘Parka Perfect’

Saturday’s post was the first lipstick review I’ve written in a while so I thought that today would be the perfect day to revive nail posts that I used to love creating. Unfortunately, not only have I fallen out of the loop of creating regular nail posts like I said I would, but I’ve also fallen out of the loop of actually writing a post. I haven’t sat down to my trusty near-on vintage laptop to tap out an article for you all to read in at least a week so I’m truly sorry if today’s post or any other post this week isn’t quite up to standard.
For today’s post, I thought I’d make it easy for myself and show you my current favourite nail baby. This beauty is Essie’s ‘Parka Perfect’; my current go-to nail polish. Not only do I find the shade of blue cute and appropriate, but I also love the small specks of glitter that runs throughout the polish. Essie hit it out the ball park when it comes to forumula so this polish is also Christened with the creamy, pigmented and reasonably fast-drying formula that us beauty junkies all know and love. If you’re lusitng after this polish, be quick; It’s part of the limited Winter collection that should be gone by the end of the month.
My fingers are crossed that you get your hands on a bottle before it vanishes, and my fingers are crossed that I actually manage to get back into the blogging loop very, very soon…

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