The Oscars Fashion & Beauty Edit

I’ve said on many occasions that acting and performance is my true passion, but I think it’s also pretty clear that fashion and beauty follow up very closely behind. So, what better way to share my two biggest passions with you than to do an Oscars Edit? I’ve spent ages and ages flicking through all of the red carpet style over and over again and I’ve chosen three ladies who have got it on point in both the dress department and the makeup department.

Jennifer Lawrence

Even though JLaw went home from the Oscars empty handed, she most certainly went home to a lot of media attention. According to the official Academy Awards website, JLaw has been tweeted about almost 39,000 times since the show, making her the second most talked about star of the night (following very closely behind Lupita Nyong’o who went home with the Best Actress in A Supporting Role award, the award that Jennifer was also nominated for after her supporting role in American Hustle.)
Jennifer rocked up in a red gown by Dior paired with jewelry by Neil Lane. To me, JLaw’s outfit was very simple yet made her stand out from the crowd due to the rather shocking red and the peplum-style wings on the gown. I also feel that her makeup mirrors the outfit’s feel as well; basic yet bold, giving her face definition but also a very sweet edge to it with the lack of heavy eye make-up and dusky pink lips.
Anne Hathaway
I adore Anne Hathaway. After she took the bold decision to take on a role as big and challenging as Fantine in Les Mis back in 2012 (one of my favourite characters in musical theatre history) my respect for her as an actress has grown. I’ve also realised how classy and elegant she’s been looking at awards ceremonies recently and the Oscars this year were no exception. Hathaway rocked a gown embellished with sparkly metallic pieces (a big trend at the Oscars this year) from Gucci. Not only do I think that this dress makes Hathaway look classy and rather youthful, it also shows off her slender yet curvaceous figure perfectly. Good choice, Hathaway.
Anne’s makeup is also very similar to Jennifer’s because of the flawless looking complexion, very subtle pink cheeks and the dusky pink lip. However, unlike JLaw, Hathaway’s top and bottom lashes seem to be coated in lashes of mascara making her eyes look beautifully slim and bright. She also has a fantastic little quiff going on, something that Lawrence’s stylist also seemed to execute perfectly.
Lupita Nyong’o
My first reactions to these photographs was probably exactly the same as yours when you first spotted them as well: “Who on Earth is this gorgeous real life Tiana from ‘The Princess and the Frog!?” This young lady is Lupita Nyong’o; the stunning young ingenue who walked home with the Best Actress in a Supporting Role award for her role in 12 Years A Slave (the movie that won Best Picture along with several other awards). Lupita’s first Oscar’s appearance is pretty fantastic from any angle that you look at it from. Not only has she bagged one of the most prestigious awards in the acting industry on her first try, she’s also done fantastically well in the wardrobe department. 
Lupita wears a blue gown by Prada couture and manages to look graceful, young and sophisticated all at the same time. The dress’ loose fit on Lupita also gives her a slightly casual edge making her stand out from the crowd filled with tight and figure-hugging gowns. The sky blue shade of the gown also makes a very dramatic yet non-offensive statement, much like JLaw’s red number.
Lupita’s makeup is the most subtle of the bunch. A few coats of mascara on her top lashes and a dusky pink lip seem to have been major trends at the Oscar’s this year and Lupita has followed the crowd on that part. However, she glams it all up a bit with some gold accessories including her v. cute headband.

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