The Mascara Purge

I have a confession to make: I’m a hoarder. Oh yes people, I hoard things from carrier bags to empty packaging. But my worst hoarding habit I hear you ask? Mascaras. Now, props to me because I don’t hoard very many of them at a time, but I do have a tendency to fall in love with one and keep on for it for as long as possible which is a habit that I’m hoping to break today.
For those of you that aren’t all to well educated on makeup sell-by dates (Lily Melrose did a fantastic post on them about a month back – link here), mascara should be disposed of and repurchased after three months to prevent eye infections and because the quality begins to deteriorate. Unfortunately, I’ve been keeping some mascaras for a heck of a lot longer than three months and I thought I’d share my final opinions on them with you today before they hit the bottom of the wheelie bin.
If you’ve been watching me for a while now (or you’ve been checking up on old posts and videos) then you’d be well aware that this is my all time favourite mascara. As a result, I really can’t bring myself to dispose of this beauty. Not only is the packaging stunning but the wand and the liquid itself makes my lashes feel both luxurious and sassy (just what every 15 year old boy wants their lashes to feel like of course!) It’s time to get rid of it though and I’m going to bite the bullet and do it. It’s starting to get really clumpy and flaky and come on, keeping this for over twice as long as I’m supposed to is actually starting to take the Michael. This tube of gold will set you back by around £25, but it’s well worth it. Promise.
I picked this up after hearing Tanya Burr go on and on about how fantastic it is after having a mega marathon of her old videos one Friday night. When I first bought it, though, I was disappointed. I found it very wet and it was horrible to coat your lashes in, so I waited a while and then started to use it. I was so glad that it lived up to Tanya Burr’s fantastic reviews and I can do nothing but agree with them. Sadly though, I do find that this has started flaking and clumping already, which is a shame considering it’s only just hit it’s sell-by date. LOLZ.

I heard several mixed reviews about this online so I decided to pick it up and see what my opinion on it was (something I tend to do most of the time). I was actually surprised to see that this was just what I was looking for; voluminising and lengthening. The wand is slightly strange but it’s actually great for coating those pesky corner lashes. It’s also very easy to control which is always something that I look for in a mascara. This has also started to flake a lot so I think it’s time to say goodbye.

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