The Winter Video Roundup

It’s a bit of a cop-out blog post today but a very important one all the same. I’ve recently realised that I never seem to mention the videos that I upload to YouTube anymore (I’m not even that sure if some of you Bloglovin followers know I have I YouTube channel!) So, I thought I’d share the links of my seven most recent videos paired with a little description for you…
A self explanatory one: a video featuring all my favourite beauty products that I used in January.

A new series that I’m hoping to make a second installment of in the near future. It’s a bit like a chatty Get Ready With Me featuring my current favourite products at the time.

An obvious one: the skincare routine I’ve been using most recently.

A re-make of a video I made a while back. I show you some of my favourite beauty and fashion related books, magazines and blogs.

I recently decided to give vlogging another go and it went down a storm with you guys so ta very much! Follow me around as I do random things in half term!

Once again, a video filled with my favourite beauty discoveries from the month of Feb.

The wonderful MammafulZo (link – here) and the wonderful Emma Millard (link – here) both tagged me to share some intimate secrets in my most recent video…

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