The New Find: L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

This is probably come to come as a bit of a shock to most of you but this is the first ever review of a mascara to hit Shaunyland before. Oh yes, mascara has only ever been spoken of properly once before (last week in a post called “The Mascara Purge”) and the reason why? Because it makes me feel incredibly awkward. Look at the two shots of me above for example; the top one makes me look like an excited monkey so that you can see my lashes and the second one looks like I’ve just cried for a while because I’ll had to put on so much mascara that my eyeballs are going to glue closed!
Regardless, the spotlight is on the reasonably new L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara today because I’ve fallen so deeply in love with it. I picked it up from Abbie after she’d realised she was allergic to something in it (I know you shouldn’t share mascaras but I’m not dead yet!) Before I gave it a go, I thought it was going to be crap; not only was Abbie’s bad experience with it making me feel a bit nervy but I’ve always had bad times with hyped up products. Surprisingly though, I’m actually head over heels in love.
Finding the perfect mascara is hard so when I find one that is perfect, I know that sharing it with you guys is important. Firstly, the mascara is fantastic at separating your lashes (no more lash combs, everyone) and consequently, making them look a lot longer and more voluminous that they were before. 
On the hot topic of volume, I think the top photo of me is a fantastic example of how long and voluminous they look after just two coats (they do actually look like that after one coat as well but the camera doesn’t pick them up as well). Now if that kind of length and volume isn’t a selling point for you, God knows what is.

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