MAC Crosswires

I thought it would be a good idea to dedicate one blog post every month or so to my favourite MAC lipstick of that period of time, just cos. So, I’m back at you today with the second installment (the first being on MAC’s Patisserie) with a look at a recent pressie that my friend Lucy gifted to me on my birthday…
I have a ‘small’ list of MAC lipsticks that I want to pick up in the notes section on my iPhone (oh the life of a makeup addict) and this little beauty was sat right at the top. So, when Lucy asked, I knew that MAC Crosswires was the one I wanted. After hearing Estee from EssieButton talking about this when I looked back over one of her old videos dedicated to MAC lipsticks, this bullet of pinky goodness caught my eye. 
Sadly, the rather bad quality selfie above this text doesn’t quite depict how stunning the pink really is. Being part of MAC’s Cremesheen line, the colour applies evenly and sets beautifully due to the creamy texture leaving an almost velvet-like look to the lips. It’s also a remarkably subtle shade even though the pink is quite vibrant which makes it super easy to don on a more regular basis. 
In my eyes, it’s a colour that I know I like to wear most of the time; a borderline dusky pink colour that is just off of the natural tone of my lips. The slightly blue undertones also make teeth appear a lot whiter and, for some reason, a lot shinier than they do normally. 
A colour that’s both somewhat bold and easy to wear at the same time? “It’s a yes from me.”

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