The Drugstore Dupe: Revlon Highlighting Palette

Spotting dupes of high end products in the aisles of Boots will always make my heart skip a beat for some reason. Regardless to whether or not I’ve recently spent something in the region of £30 on a product, finding something that does exactly the same thing for a third of the price makes my flutter. Fortunately for both of us, today’s review comes to you in the form of a recent find: a “dupe” of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks brought to us by Revlon. Unfortunately for me, I feel compelled to give the Bobbi Brown originals a try, just to see how the two compare (but more on that another day…)

The dupe’s Sunday name is the Revlon Highlighting Palette in ‘Bronze Glow’ and would set you back by £8.99; £23 less than the Bobbi Brown original. This release is one of their latest to coincide with their new Spring/Summer holiday collection promoting things like nude lips and bronzed complexions.

The brick is split into five colours that I’ve swiped once in the pan and swatched down my arm for you in the picture above. Going down from my palm to my elbow, we have an almost bright white (and slightly shimmery) white highlight colour, a NARS Orgasm-esque blush shade, a light brown bronze colour, a deeper NARS Deep Throat kind of blush shade, and a standard natural bronze shade.

The best part about this palette is the combination of ways that it can be worn. You can take a small fluffy blending brush (the Real Techniques Setting Brush is the best for this job) and apply the colours in their respective parts of the face. Alternatively, you can take a blusher brush and swipe them around the face as a contour or as a rich blush colour. Beware, though, as the pigment in these is very good (think Urban Decay eyeshadows; both are very highly pigmented and have a gorgeously buttery texture to them) so make sure you don’t swirl your brush around the pan any more than once.

Overall, I genuinely think that this is one of the best drugstore face powder releases we’ve seen in a very long time. Not only does the palette has versatility, but the quality of the pigments is just as good as that of a high end product. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of your saved £23 squealing with glee.

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