The ‘Bits & Bobs’ Haul

It suddenly occurred to me earlier on today that I’ve never written a haul post for my blog, and that I also rarely seem to share with you guys what I buy when I buy it. Since I’ve picked up a few odds and bobs over the past few days, I thought I’d give you all the heads up on what you’ll be seeing in the next few weeks.
The first place I went to was Selfridges and I made a conscious effort to avoid the main beauty hall and I headed for the miscellaneous hall filled with skincare, chocolate, magazines and a nail bar instead. The first thing I picked up in there was this month’s issue of Allure magazine (naturally) and then I headed right over to the walls lined with skincare goodness. I was on the hunt for a mask and when I saw the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask, I remembered how badly I’d been wanting to give it a go. I’ve only tried it once so I’m going to reserve judgement until next week’s review, but it’s not done anything bad to me yet.
After Selfridges, I headed towards Covent Garden to go and get my Grandma a birthday present from the Chanel pop up (it’s her birthday today actually – Happy Birthday, Grandma!) On the way over there though, the strong winds forced me through the open door of the Covent Garden Space NK and it forced me to pick up a 75ml bottle of the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray – isn’t the wind terrible!? Like the Antipodes mask, I’ve only given this a couple of goes so far but I would say that it isn’t as fantastic as it’s made out to be in my eyes, but we’ll talk about that a little bit more in Saturday’s review.
More recently, I took a trip with the family to one of the local town centres so that my mum and I could get our semi-regular Primark fix. Once inside the emporium of well priced clothing, I stumbled upon the Disney graphic t-shirts (a totally pre-planned accident). Annoyingly, they didn’t have any of the Little Mermaid ones that I was on the hunt for so I decided to go with a Finding Nemo printed one instead. Probably something I’ll only ever wear around the house or on days where I’m only going to see a friend but it feels good to add to the slowly growing Disney t-shirt collection.
My other Primark purchase is probably the buy of the week. I stumbled across a lace jumper in wine red and walked around with it for a while, until I stumbled across this gorgeous white t-shirt version that I loved so much more. I’ve recently fallen head over heels in love with see through items (fantastic for layering may I add) so you can imagine how overjoyed I felt when the tag said it was only £4; what a bargain.
The final thing I grabbed was something that my heart was yearning for. I ran out of my third bottle of the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation about a month ago now and I’ve since been converted by Revlon Colorstay, but part of me was still longing to be reunited with this bottle of goodness. I went down a shade this time purely because Soft Beige was a bit too dark for me so hopefully True Ivory paired with a nicely bronzed and blushed complexion will fit the bill perfectly.
Let me know what you think of small blog hauls like this, or hauls in general. If you want to see more hauls, I have a playlist on my YouTube channel dedicated to the ones that I’ve made in the past (link – here).

2 thoughts on “The ‘Bits & Bobs’ Haul

  1. picked up that top today, gave you a little shoutout in my post! Love it and you blog, am THRILLED that you're posting again as you're my fave! XX


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