A new blog?…

I started Shaunyland back at the start of 2013 with a review of the movie adaptation of Les Miserables. From there, I blogged about random stories, my YouTube channel, and more and more reviews of musicals that I’d been to see. Both fortunately and unfortunately, Shaunyland eventually fell into the trap of becoming a blog dedicated to beauty and fashion; there was no more time for talking about shows I’d been to see and musicals I wanted to open on the West End. So, after weighing up the pro’s and con’s for a while, I’ve decided to make a second blog called ‘Shaun’s Musical Musings’ where I can talk about anything and everything to do with the world of the theatre. Oh, what bliss.

Unlike Shaunyland, Shaun’s Musical Musings isn’t going to be accompanied by a YouTube channel or have a regular upload schedule to it. Instead, I’m just going to blog whenever I feel like it (but there will almost certainly be at least one post every week). I’ll be giving my honest and in depth reviews on the shows I go to see and theatres they’re showing in, reviews and thoughts on cast members and the cast recordings, giving suggestions on shows to see and movie musicals to watch out for, and so much more.
If you’re a fan of the theatre then please pop over for a read and perhaps a Bloglovin’ follow if you’re feeling generous. If not, then don’t worry about Shaunyland becoming second best. Shaunyland will forever be my baby and it’s never going to become second rate to anything.

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