Don’t Waste Your Money: L’Oreal Fibrology Duo

A couple of months back before I gave Shaunyland the boot for a while, a post about this hair washing duo was in the pipeline; after hearing rave reviews by all of my favourite bloggers, I decided it was time I gave it a go so that I could give my verdict. It didn’t actually take me very long to come up with my thoughts on them actually – they’re sh*t.
Now, now, I know that I should’ve have seen that the hype for these was a massive PR and marketing stunt but I just couldn’t help myself. I actually fell in love with the original Elvive Colour Protect line a few months back (an extremely old post on the conditioner from that line can be found here) so I have high hopes for these shiny blue bottles. After seeing Blake Lively throw her locks around on our TV screens and having found them both on offer for £1.49 each in Superdrug (!), I decided to give them a go.
As hair washing products, they’re actually not bad at all. I didn’t ever feel like I needed to wash my hair more than I like to (every other day, or three with a Batiste day inbetween) and my hair didn’t ever dry to be greasy or anywhere near dirty afterwards. The main issue for me, though, was the promises that the line offers. It tells us, as consumers, thickness in our hair which would consequently lead on to volume; even though I have quite thick and naturally flat hair as it is, these didn’t seem to help in the slightest.
After having let my hair dry naturally like I always do, I realised that my hair was flatter than usual and that it was near impossible to do anything with due to the new heavier weight of it all (don’t mistaken this weight for added thickness – my hair was still just as thick as it was before). I decided that it could have been an issue with me leaving it to dry naturally but no, I blowdried it and it still didn’t work for me. After a good two weeks of trying, I gave up and told myself to review them for you all.
So here it is people: the honest review that I promised to give you all and good proof that not all new launches are what they seem. Now if you don’t mind me, I have some revision to get to…

2 thoughts on “Don’t Waste Your Money: L’Oreal Fibrology Duo

  1. I've tried almost every Elvive product, and I didn't like any. Ups :/
    Once in London's Boots I've noticed not a super pretentious shampoo and conditioner pair from Tony&Gay. You know, I'm using them for almost year and my hair have grown like lion's mane and are soft and easy to style 🙂
    If you didn't try them yet, you should try. Shampoo and conditioner will cost about 12£, not too pricy for perfect hair!
    Hugs! Vaness Key


  2. Oh wow, yeah I'll totally give them a go! I've been wanting to try them for a while anyway so I'll make them my next purchase. Thanks for the comment and recommendation! 🙂 x


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