The Brightening Bunch

Before I shut it all down around these parts, I was working on getting a post out on products that promise to brighten your complexion and whether or not they met these standards. I don’t know if it was a good thing in the end, but the time I was MIA was spent giving these products a better go meaning that this review can be even more truthful than it was going to be beforehand – awesome!

I actually bought this baby on a whim when I was looking for something to replace the plethora of La Roche Posay moisturisers I was switching between and was actually surprised by how much I found myself liking it. Being at the pricier end of the drugstore moisturiser scale (£17 to be precise), I was expecting some good proof to show that my money was better spent on this than a higher end alternative and I got the results I wanted. With a thicker consistency than the average moisturiser, I actually worried that it wasn’t going to work as well, but I soon realised that it just works differently. Instead of making my skin plumper, it actually made it a lot smoother and, as promised, much brighter and more healthy looking after a good week or so of using it twice daily. A good drugstore pick if you’re in the market for a cheaper moisturiser that I think could actually work well as an eye cream as well if you’re desperate.

Before I got my hands on the moisturiser though, I was already giving the matching eye cream a run for its money twice a day. With this, though, I wasn’t as pleased with the results. At first, I was certain they were getting much brighter which was fantastic to see, but after a fortnight or so of getting those results, it started to feel like my undereyes didn’t want to get any brighter and the results stopped showing. I continued to keep it going and they stayed perfectly manageable, but I still found myself needing a layer of foundation before concealer under my eyes and it was starting to annoy me; I have since finished the tube, but I don’t think I’ll be buying it again. An alright buy if you’re in fast need of an eye cream and your undereyes are pretty good as they are, but don’t expect miracles.

After the slightly disappointing results from the SF by UB eye cream, I headed over to one of my local Origins counters and picked up the most talked about brightening eye cream in town: Origins GinZing. It was a pretty quick stop and I was in and out within five minutes or so, plus I hadn’t read any reviews since its release so I was pretty excited to give it a go. After a week or so of using it day and night, my undereyes felt both brighter and smoother which are two fantastic qualities when trying to reduce how much concealer you use under there. Even though the price tag is a bit hefty (£23), this is most certainly where it’s at when it comes to brightening eye creams. Facial moisturiser version, where you @?

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