Good Things Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser

A couple of years back when my Auntie was over from the good ol’ land of Oz, she took me to have a skin consultation with a dermatologist to assess my skin and to arrange a suitable skincare routine made up of some handpicked products that I assume cost a disgustingly high amount of money (I actually know that it cost a lot of money: I remember the consultation itself costing something stupid like £150+). Though I soon realised that a lot of the products chosen for me were unfortunately doing more harm than good, the one stand out product was a cleanser made from manuka honey. Now if you’re a honey addict, you’d know that manuka honey usually costs something crazy like £15 a jar, so I was elated when I heard the word on the street surrounding the Good Things Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser.
As soon as I heard Lily Pebbles mention it in passing in a skincare video, I literally caught the next bus from the end of my road into town to hunt down a bottle and found the last one on a very secretive Good Things shelf in my local Boots. I was so excited to give it a go to see if it could replicate how good the expensive predecessor was that I cleaned my face of makeup and tried it out straight away… and I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I was to see the incredible results.
Not only does this cleanser manage to make my face look and feel incredibly clean and smooth, it also cools my face and soothes it leaving it calm and ready for makeup – a perfect choice for a morning cleanser in my eyes but I do tend to use it both morning and evening at the moment and it does a fantastic job. On the acne side of things, I actually think it’s killed off a lot of the hormonal breakouts that had been lurking for a while, and it’s helped to keep new breakouts at bay ever since I started using it in conjuction with the new prescription stuff I’ve been giving a run for its money (but more on that in the near future).
Though it serves up a small review, the joy this cleanser has given me is far from second rate (that’s a bit sad, isn’t it?). If you’re looking for a cleanser that is going to help keep breakouts at bay, soothe your face when you use it, and leave your skin feeling soft and ready for makeup, then this is the bad boy for you. 
And d’you wanna know the best part about it? It’ll only cost you a fiver. Bargain.

4 thoughts on “Good Things Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser

  1. I think it's something to do with how and where it's sourced from, but I do think that £15 for a pot of honey is ridiculous no matter what bloody bee has made it! Haha!


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