The Hype: Real Techniques Core Collection

Now before you all go A-wall and start wondering why on Earth I am so late to the Real Techniques party, let’s just take a moment to breathe and realise that I’m only late to the blogging party with them. I did, in actual fact, order a lot of them from Amazon (they have a fantastic discount on them) around Christmas time and have used them literally every single day since they arrived on that cloudy Saturday evening. Today, though, we are focusing on the most popular collection of brushes in the beauty world: the Real Techniques Core Collection.
For those of you that have been living under a beauty-banning rock for the past year and a half, Real Techniques is a line of makeup brushes (and now makeup) by professional makeup artists and YouTube sensations Sam and Nic Chapman from Pixiwoo. The range of brushes is split into three colours that each match a different step in the makeup routine: orange for base, pink for colour and purple for eyes. 
The Core Collection obviously falls under the base section and comprises of four different brushes: the famous Buffing Brush, the Pointed Foundation Brush, the Contour Brush, and the Detailer Brush. All of them are incredibly unique in shape and size and are also rather versatile in their own right.
Let me start with everyone’s favourite: the Buffing Brush. I have honest to God used this to apply foundation every single day since it arrived over 7 months ago and I prefer nothing else. Not only does it make foundation apply evenly, it also blends it into the skin well enough that it can make even the thickest of foundations look like my own skin. The set is worth the £20 simply for this brush.
The next brush is possibly the most versatile one in the set. The Contour Brush is naturally very good for applying bronzer into the hollows of your cheeks, but works even better and a blending brush for concealer and cream blushers – dabbing and not dragging is the tip with this one!
The final two brushes are two that I tend to neglect a lot but do have uses nonetheless. The Pointed Foundation Brush used to be my go-to for under eye concealer application due to the even finish it left behind, but it soon became a bit of a faff and I just started to use the Contour Brush instead. The Detailer Brush is perhaps the most random, but works amazingly at applying powder eyeshadow as an eyeliner!
If you’re looking for a kit that is both affordable and fantastic value for money, this is the way to go. Let me know if you want a follow up post on some more RT brushes and comment below and leave me some recommendations on what your favourite makeup brushes are!

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