Luscious Lashes: Maybelline The Falsies Black Drama

Today’s post is a look into what’s on my face – or to be even more precise, it’s actually about what’s on my eyelashes. After picking a tube of the stuff up on offer at Morrisons the other month (who knew!?), I thought it was about time I gave this stuff a review because I’ve finally gone and fallen in love with it!
After a mega Tanya Burr marathon one April evening, I took myself off to Morrisons with the family to run some errands and naturally found myself gazing upon the stock of drugstore beauty bits that they have. Now, if you watch Tanya’s videos (which I’m sure most of you do, but if you don’t then you can see them here), you will know that she struggles to get through a makeup video without mentioning Maybelline The Falsies so I was totally sucked into her sales tactics and I bought a tube of the shiz.
I’m not going to lie to you guys: I absolutely hated it when I first opened it the next morning. I thought it was wet and gloopy so I constantly found it around my eyes or on my brow bone, and I thought it was way too heavy to keep a curl and make my lashes look fluttery. After many trials and tribulations, I soon decided that it wasn’t the stuff for me and I moved onto some others I’d picked up; but then it all changed…
After rifling through my makeup stash for things to take with me on a night away, I came across the stuff once again and threw it in… and I was instantly in love! It had dried up a bit and was now capable of producing some of the most wonderful lashes I think I have ever seen on myself. I always start my eye makeup process by curling my lashes until they reach for the stars, and this mascara is pretty damn good at keeping that in place most of the day. It’s also fantastic at lengthening which is a massive plus. And if that wasn’t enough for you, the drier consistency of it now makes mascara look almost invisible which is absolutely incredible for lashes that look so awesome after being coated in it.
If you’re looking for a mascara that will perform miracles (after it’s dried up of course), then this is the tube of magic for you. Oops. Maybe I didn’t word that very well. Just me? Erm… I think I’ll go now. *cringe*

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