Motivational Monday #11: Dreams

For as long as I can remember, people have picked up on the fact that I am a very driven person and am extremely motivated by my life goals. So I was sitting around this evening and wondering if the post I wanted to write for today was appropriate, and I soon realised that this was a topic I think needs to be discussed: dreams. For some, the thought of dreams is a scary one and people instantly assume that their dreams are unattainable and are far too ridiculous. Ironically, I think most people are rather ridiculous for thinking that.

For my entire life, being a star of the stage, screen and the charts was what I wanted to do; nothing excited me more than the thought of head lining a new musical or a new movie or a concert, and that exact thought still excites me to this day. The truth in it all and the reason why I’m so driven is because I use my dreams as life goals that inspire me in my everyday life.

I am a firm believer in that anyone can do whatever they want to do and I want to apply that to this revival Motivational Monday posts; our dreams are totally achievable and trying to achieve them is what makes us happy. This is true on almost all levels. Silly things like getting a new top that you like would make you happy – buying that top is your dream and when it’s fulfilled, it makes you happy. Even the trip to Topshop or wherever you’re buying it from makes you happy and makes you think happy thoughts. This is the road to your dream, is it not?

I have several big dreams; some are blindingly obvious and some are quirky ones that I want to keep quiet. I didn’t really want to get too deep in this post but I just want to remind everyone to keep on dreaming; keep on striving for what you want in life and make sure that you do one thing each day that will help you get to those dreams. No matter how old or young you are, how crazy your dreams may seem to your or those around you, or how much hard work it may take to get there, your dreams are reachable (for the most part of course. If your dream is to become a Koala then I’m afraid you might have to settle for a Koala onesie or something…)

Remember that dreams are vital to give life purpose, and that they’re what makes us truly happy. And who on Earth doesn’t want to be happy?

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