Awkward Beauty Scenarios

I’m feeling rather chatty this week so I thought it was rather fitting to follow up Monday’s post with a rather silly one. I was thinking the other day about a way to talk about beauty on my blog without reviewing products or something along those lines, and the end product was this: a look at some of the most awkward things that have happened in my life so far relating to beauty or fashion. Today, I’m going to take you through three experiences that I’ve had recently and let’s see if they make you cringe too…
Bullied at Bumble & Bumble
If you’ve seen Sunday’s video (and if you haven’t then you can see it here), then you will remember me saying I’d explain this story that happened to me just last Saturday. I went into my local Boots to see if I could find some bits and bobs to try out and walked past a really cute pack of minis that had been released that week at Bumble & Bumble… but they weren’t priced up! So I asked the lady how much they were and agreed to buy them. The lady then reminded me of the offer that, with every full sized product, you could get a free hairspray chalk and before I could say anything (literally!), I had the Surf Spray in my hair and it was going through the checkout with my purple hair chalk and I was handing over my Boots card and my money. Now I’m not going to lie, I did like this product so I will be buying it next time I’m in Boots… but I had to take it back to another cashier as soon as I’d paid because I really didn’t want to buy it there and then. The biggest issue though: she gave me some rather large freebies because I was her first sale of the day, and I didn’t give them back in when I returned the spray… Oops.
My first time at a hair salon
About a year ago, I went to my first ever hair appointment at a salon. Now I’m not going to lie, this is a kind of crap story but still… I sat down in my chair with a lady I hadn’t booked for (I’d actually booked for the salon manager but I got one of the lowest qualified hairdressers instead because the Queen Bee was sick). I sat there twiddling my thumbs as she tried to make small talk and I found myself feeling extremely awkward in the silences… so I decided to ask her if it was strange to cut stuff that grows from my scalp because I’m a total stranger. I then went on to ask about the dirtiest hair she’s ever cut and I think I made a very odd first impression… Nonetheless, I book her all the time now and she’s one of the loveliest women I know. I suppose that one didn’t end that badly after all!
Topshop and Forever 21 are girls only shops
This one is two stories mashed into one and is inevitably going to be in this list considering I’m a young boy who likes to buy young girls clothes. It all started in my local Topshop when I wanted to try on a top and was told in front of a giant crowd that I would have to change upstairs even though the top was from Topshop (please note that the men in my local Topman are the rudest men I have ever met. They genuinely laughed and bitched about me whilst I was in the changing cubicle and I won’t even start to tell you what happened one Sunday when I was shopping with my friend Kyle). I accepted this and got on with it, but the same thing happened again later on when I was in Forever 21. Now from what I understand, F21 stocks mens clothes in their US stores but in Britain, they only sell women’s clothes. So when I went to try on a couple of bits that Saturday afternoon and I was denied the right to change in the only changing room in the entire store, you can imagine the awkward conversation that ensued… dear oh dear.
Do you have any awkward beauty scenarios? Share them below if you do – we all love a good lol!

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