Apologies, Updates and the future of Shaunyland

So, as the title of this post would suggest, I have three different topics to cover in this chatty post. Let’s start with apologies that I owe you. I apologise profusely for the lack of content that I have produced this week. I only posted The Weekly Vlog #2 on my YouTube channel this week and, if you’re only a blog reader, it has been totally silent around these parts so mega sozzles for that!

Whilst we’re here and chatting away (well, I’m more chatting at you…), I thought I’d run some updates by you as well with regards to what’s been happening around Shaunyland for those of you that aren’t very up to date on everything that I post online. I’ve started back at Weekly Vlogging over on my YouTube channel for starters which I’m enjoying (though it is hard to get back into the swing of it, mind you!) When I had my channel before I shut everything down, I vlogged throughout the week every week in the school holidays, so this is basically a revamp of that idea. Those vlogs are being posted every Wednesday morning at 9am so keep subscribed and following me on Twitter for updates on the said vlogs. As for that, normal beauty related videos are being uploaded at 9am every Sunday, with the last one I made being a Summer Lookbook (link – here).

This nicely moves me onto my final few notes I wanted to share with you: the future of Shaunyland. Now before you start worrying, no I am not going to delete everything like I did before (to this day, that is still the most regrettable decision I ever made in some respects…) What I want to do is try and explore everything else that I love through my blog and through YouTube and I’m taking some time to think about that, hence the lack of content in the past week. I’m really interested in beauty which is why I always blog about it and call myself a beauty blogger, but I want to try and do a lot more fashion because I love that a lot as well (and I actually, arguably, love it more than beauty) and I obviously love things like music and stuff, even though that is a lot less blog-about-able. I also want to try and do a lot more chatty videos and posts like my Motivational Mondays because that’s where my YouTube passion first fell.

Don’t fret beauty blog readers, I can assure you that I will blog very heavily about beauty forever and ever and will continue to read predominately beauty blogs, but I do want to try and turn Shaunyland into what I intended it to be: a blog about my life, and the lifestyle that I lead. That’s why I didn’t call it ShaunLovesMakeup or anything like that – the name gives me free reign to talk about the world that I live in: Shaunyland (or if you’re really technical, Planet Earth, but humor me and play along with the pun/joke).

A wise friend of mine, who doesn’t even check out my content on the internet, left me with some wise thoughts the other day: “Why restrict yourself to a topic like makeup and beauty, when you have so many other passions under your belt that you can share with people? It’s silly creating content about something so confined when you have so many other passions that people should know about as well”.

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