Physicians Formula: First Impressions

It was on a Friday evening that I found myself getting very excited over American drugstore makeup in the aisle of my local TKMaxx. I was on the hunt for a new vanity case so that I could take only one beauty bag with me on a mini break as opposed to two. Whilst looking for the case, though, I stumbled across these two beauties (as well of a lot more from the range, I hasten to add) and excitement consumed me.
A rather dramatic description cut short, it was the sight of the Physicians Formula Happy Booster  and the Physicians Formula Shadow Strip for Brown Eyes that excited me so much that evening. As soon as I saw them (at £3 and £4 respectively!), I hurried home and totally redid my makeup just to give them a go… and meh. I tried them on a few more days following and still, meh.
The truth is this: American drugstore products seem even more fantastic than they really are to us Brits because there is no way of us getting our hands on them without hopping across the pond. Sephora doesn’t stock drugstore products and Ulta don’t even have a shopping website as far as I know, so eBay is your best friend if you’re okay with having something that may not be the real deal. This overhype and excitment builds and builds so that when you actually get the chance to give the product a go, it’s rare that you’ll be as satisfied as you thought you may well be. These products are a prime example.
The Happy Booster was what I was most excited about. I had heard rave reviews from American and British bloggers alike raving about everything from the packaging to the product itself. What I found was this: the packaging is incredibly tacky from the colour to the quality, and the product itself is such a strange mix of colours that the payoff on my face just makes me look dirty. I’ve tried pinpointing certain colours and just using those, and using a mix of the whole lot, but it just doesn’t work for me.
As for the eyeshadow strip, I picked this up on a bit of a whim just thinking that I liked the look of the colours and I wasn’t very impressed by this either. Unlike the Happy Booster, I was actually really happy with the funky packaging, but the colour payoff and the quality of the shadows left something to be desired. The colour pay off was weak and the quality of the shadows was terrible: a mix of chalky and unbuildable is not what I’m looking for in my eyeshadow.
All in all, I’m not impressed with what I’ve tried from Physicians Formula so far and that excited Shaun that stood in TKMaxx one Friday night is excited no more. I’ll keep trying to make them work as I really want to fall in love with them, but until then, this review is the truth in my eyes. *sigh*

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