Return to Shaunyland

I’m going to subtitle this post as “The Day In The Middle”; I haven’t posted on Shaunyland for exactly a month and today I want to launch an exact month of a re-invented incarnation of Shaunyland. Firstly, welcome back! I’m so glad that I’m sat here writing again because it feels like forever and ever since I last sat at a computer to write anything that other people are going to be reading! I hope you all had amazing summers and that you’re all settling back into the 9 to 5 routine well!
Okay, enough with the rambling (let’s be honest, bad writing is going to be looming over y’all until I get back into the swing of things). Let’s talk about this new incarnation of Shaunyland. I sat down and thought to myself the other day about where I want Shaunyland to go; since I revived Shaunyland a couple of months ago, I seem to have really lost my drive and passion for it and I feel like I’m just doing it for my own benefit and not for those that watch/read. I decided that the best way around this was to get back into the swing of pre-recording and pre-writing and scheduling things at least a week in advance so that I always have new content being released (ironically, I’m writing this post about nine hours before it’s going to post itself). I soon discovered that I liked making two videos a week (which is explained in this video) and I soon realised I wanted to try and do everything else in twos as well – posts for this blog and posts for Shaun’s Musical Musings. I worked on the way it should work so that new stuff is being released by me almost every day – the chart below is the end result.
The thing that makes me most excited is how I’m going to be producing much more regular content over on Shaun’s Musical Musings and how I’m now making a second YouTube video a week that isn’t centered around what everyone is used to. I’m making it a very regular thing to do this at the moment, but I just want to keep reminding people that beauty isn’t the top on my list of passions and that my love for theatre, fashion and other bits and bobs really put the cherry on the cake for me and this new schedule and change to Shaunyland showcases that rather well in my eyes (for more on this, see the YouTube video of mine that I linked a while ago in this blog post which also covers changes being made to this blog in particular).

I’m going to run this trail from today for exactly a month, all the way up until Wednesday the 8th of October. On the 6th of October, I’ll make sure to create a follow-up post to this one to let you know where the future of scheduling lies around Shaunyland. Fingers crossed that this plan works out well, and don’t forget to check out the video that is linked earlier on in this post for more on this matter. I can’t wait to share more of my passions (like my love for the theatre) with you guys on a much more regular basis!

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