Happy 2nd Birthday, Shaunyland!

Wow. I can’t quite believe it, but this week marks the 2nd Birthday of my Shaunyland profiles across the internet, and when I realised it the other night I was gobsmacked. I don’t know if it’s because these past two years have felt like a lot longer in my head, or if it’s quite the opposite, but I am delighted to even think that I have spent two years working on something as special and important to me as Shaunyland. Granted that the past year have been a bit wishy washy on the Shaunyland shores (be it the deletion of everything and the reactivation a month later loosing literally hundreds of you, or the fact that I have been MIA twice since), these past two years have been incredibly special to me regardless.
I started Shaunyland back in January 2013 because the narcissist inside of me (“I wonder how deep inside of him that narcissist really is…” I hear you all cry) told me that I could easily do what all the bloggers and vloggers I follow do, but boy was I wrong. It took me a rather long time to find me feet in Shaunyland be it balancing blog posts and videos or making sure that my content was entertaining and I would argue that it wasn’t until about 10 months into it that I started to pick up off the ground and more than just my extended friendship circle were finding me online: to this day, more Shaunyland readers come from the United States than anywhere else in the world which, considering I’ve never even been to America, is pretty incredible.
Shaunyland has also taught me more about myself as a person and I honestly do not think I would be the person that I am today without it. Sure I was confident before, but Shaunyland has built my confidence and ‘sophisticated-ness’ in every sense of the words be it confidence when meeting new people and interacting with others, or confidence in reaching out and connecting with others on the internet and appreciating what social media has to offer the right way. I also wouldn’t be as open as I am today about everything in my life, and I honestly do not think I would be anywhere near as quirky or (arguably) sophisticated as I am today had Shaunyland not lifted me out of the awkward transition phase in my pre-adolescent years and dropped me down in a more adult and well-suited environment.
Running Shaunyland across the internet has taken me to many new opportunities as well. In the past, I’ve found myself collaborating with my friends and opening them up into the world I use online as well as making new friends and most recently, becoming an official blogger at LondonTheatreDirect (which I also have my friend Jess to thank for for letting me know about it!) Experiences like writing for LondonTheatreDirect have opened me right up into the industry I want to become a part of in the future, and have also given me the opportunity to attend some amazing events surrounding the theatre as well.
I really would not have been able to have made Shaunyland so special to me and enjoyable had it not been for your loyal readership which truly means the world to me. Thank you for reading what I write, watching what I film and interacting with me on social media because, unless you are a blogger, you cannot even begin to understand how wonderful it is to know that people are enjoying the content you create. Thank you so much for making these past two years fantastic and let’s see where we get to by 2016!

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