The Shaunyland Group

Every time I “fall out of love” with Shaunyland, I decide that’s it’s time for a bit of a face lift because there’s something about a massive rebrand that reawakens my passion for it all. This time however, it wasn’t that I’d fallen out of love with Shaunyland at all. In fact, I had so much passion for it but simply no time to put the passion in so I was burning to do something to make this time off worth while and to come back with a bang, and what better way to do that than to totally rebrand everything and bring it all together in a new way which, in turn, will fix some niggling issues I’ve been having; in comes ‘The Shaunyland Group’.
I’ve been trying to think of a way to group together my two blogs, my YouTube channel and my other social media profiles for a while now. I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up a website which could be the base for all of my Internet Empire, but I got as far as pressing publish and soon decided that adding another website into the mix would only hinder the problem. Soon, it hit me that the best way to handle this would be to brand everything together with an umbrella brand to keep all of these profiles in order and linked directly back to me and so ‘The Shaunyland Group’ seemed like an apt name and way of doing just that. Nothing’s changed really apart from the visual aspect and nothing has gone from the internet, but I can now link everything of mine on the web together by way of The Shaunyland Group.
As well as the error I was having in linking all the profiles together, I also wanted to make Shaun’s Musical Musings more prominent on the internet but I couldn’t quite work out how. Since I made SMM much later than I made Shaunyland, it’s always seemed like a sub-blog when in actual fact, I hold it in equally high regard to both this blog and my YouTube channel. I’ve also had an issue where I feel like I wanted to share more theatre news and updates with everyone who wants to listen on Twitter without clogging up everyone’s timelines who don’t care and losing my personality on my Twitter account in the process, so along comes @smusicalmusings on Twitter: a Twitter account run by yours truly that shares information from the theatre world as soon as the information comes in, something perfect for people who love the theatre. I’ll be using the account to tweet out info about shows that are opening and closing in London and New York as well as when cast recordings are released, some fun Twitter games, and even some special behind-the-scenes shots and insider information from a theatre nerd’s perspective. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be tweeting about theatre as much as I normally do over on @shaunycat and that will forever be where my Twitter heart lives, but give @smusicalmusings a follow if you want to hear even more gossip from the theatre world!
I’m hoping that The Shaunyland Group is an effective way of reaching out to everybody that interacts with my content in an easy and organised way for both my sake and yours. A list of the social media profiles and websites that are a part of The Shaunyland Group are linked down below, and be sure to check Twitter out to take a look at the new artwork and designs as well as giving all the links a massive follow if you’re interested!…
I’m not going to set dates again like I always do for when blog posts will go up on their respective blogs because I always fail to keep to that after a week or so and it ends up just being pointless. Instead, I’m just going to blog as much as I can whenever I can and space out scheduling the posts so the flow of blogging is constant and so I don’t feel so pressured by the schedule of it all, however I do promise to keep uploading YouTube videos on Sundays at 8pm as much as I possibly can. And with that, here’s to The Shaunyland Group!

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