Unique, Stunning, Special: Holy Cow Home and What They Have to Offer

I love interiors and looking for unique and exotic things to put around the house is one of my favourite thing to do. Equally, I also really enjoy hunting down stunning things that fit these categories to give the wonderful ladies in my family as gifts. Annoyingly though, TkMaxx has run out of stuff for me to gawk over and NotOnTheHighStreet just doesn’t have enough of what I’m looking for. Along comes Holy Cow Home; an adorable boutique offering some of the most unique, hand-picked items to fill your home with inspired by culture from all over the world, and it’s obviously ridiculously more gorgeous than the stickered stock you’d find in the other aforementioned stores. Ranging from golden elephants you can put on your mantlepiece to stunning throws to put on the end of your bed; from jewellery behind your wildest dreams to handbags for the most unique style choices, Holy Cow has absolutely everything. But it’s not only decorations for your home and personal style statements that Holy Cow have on offer: gorgeous incenses and fragrances are also incredibly as well as candles that are both stunning to the nose and to the eyes. 
The shop is run by my delightful friend Poonam Gupta; a classy lady who has such a passion for hand-picking all the items that she sells that you feel like you’re being taken on your own little journey when she tells you the story behind each item. As Poonam likes to say: “Everything in the shop is one of a kind. Our store is a place to spend hours upon hours browsing and discovering; people visit and they’re clearly wowed. If it’s not the product wowing them, then I know for sure that it’s the people in the shop”. The shop that Poonam speaks of is set to open tomorrow in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and if you live in the local area then we’d love to see your face at the opening at any point throughout the day. I’ll be there too so make sure to say hello if you do come along and I can assure you that you will find it near impossible to resist picking up one of Holy Cow’s stunning pieces. If you can’t get to the opening though then why not take a look at the online website here. Items are being added to the sight regularly over the coming weeks as many more exciting and stunning new things are added to the shop after opening so make sure to keep checking back.

I’ve watched Poonam and Holy Cow grow as this boutique filled with stunning gifts has gone from Poonam showing me some stunning bits that she simply wanted to share with people to a fully fledged shop opening up in a prime location. I can assure you that if you give Holy Cow a few moments of your time, you will find yourself falling in love with the unique and special products on offer that have clearly been chosen with such personal care. I love Holy Cow; I hope you love it too.

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