The Staple: Bobbi Brown Lip Colour in ‘Tulle’

I really love lip colours and even though I’d much prefer to spend a pretty penny on a new eye makeup launch, I love finding new lipstick staples that I keep in my daily makeup bag for use every single day (I’m sure we’ve all heard me rave constantly about MAC Patisserie which is one of the products in this clique). If a lip product is really, really good and truly steals my heart though then it manages to make it’s way into my small leather Topshop bag that never leaves my shoulder and is used anywhere and everywhere I travel to: the Bobbi Brown Lip Colour in Tulle is one of these lip products.
I actually bought this lipstick on a total whim one day when I stopped at the Bobbi Brown counter in Selfridges. This colour caught my eye and I had it in a little yellow bag within the next 60 seconds. It sounds silly  but the packaging is what drew me to this lip product before I even noticed the gorgeous colour; I adore Bobbi products and they are some of the best quality luxury products that money can buy, but this sleek and square packaging with a gold band around the middle just got my beauty nerd heart pumping. It’s one of those products that I sometimes feel inclined to pull out of my bag with another impressive looking product with a mirror in the lid for a touch-up on an especially glamorous day – this product really is a total crowd pleaser.
The real product is where the real treat lies, though. It’s a dusky pink in the tube that transfers onto the lips looking almost exactly the same as it looks in the bullet and considering I have rather dark coloured lips naturally, this is a wonderful nudey colour that I find incredibly easy to wear. I also find it very important that my favourite lip colours are moisturising but ultimately not greasy and totally re-hydrating (I have a Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie constantly kept in my bag for that!). Bobbi Brown has mastered this craft perfectly here: it’s creamy enough to be hydrating yet the finish is matte enough to be impressive without being matte enough to make your lips feel like they’re cracking into loads of pieces every time you speak.
All in all, these lip colours are really where it’s at when it comes to a high end lip product and this colour in particular is something extra special if you’re looking for something for every day. I’m so glad that I took a whim on it and discovered it many moons ago, and it won’t leave my little leather bag for the foreseeable future. Well done Bobbi Brown: you’ve done it again.

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