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Saying that “it’s been a while” would be a tremendous understatement. If you scroll down to just underneath this post, you’ll soon realise that I haven’t posted a single thing on Shaunyland since May 1st – that’s six weeks ago to the day! It hasn’t been without good reason though: I’ve been keeping extremely busy with exam season that started a week or so after my last blog post and only ended yesterday and whilst there were pockets of time where I could have blogged, I didn’t want to go about producing stuff that was going to be half-hearted when I could just wait and bring blogging back in full-swing by the time Summer came.
Luckily for you (or unluckily, depending on how you take reading my blog into account), Summer has begun for me and I’m filled with so much free time where I don’t have any commitments whatsoever that I already don’t know what to do and I’m writing this only nine or so hours into the long break; I’m as free as a bird (apart from when the intense feeling of doing absolutely nothing consumes me and I decide to be totally lazy). All jokes aside though, I really do hope that I can bring myself back into blogging in a serious way over the next ten weeks of Summer and work at it like I did a while back.
I’m sure you’re looking for a bit of a catch-up and a throw-forward as well so I might as well throw those into this post, too. I haven’t done much whatsoever since I last posted here on Shaunyland other than exams – it’s gotten so serious that I haven’t even been to the theatre for what must be something like seven weeks now, which is totally crazy by my standards. As for the future, I’m sure you’ve all seen from social media that I’m off to New York on Thursday which is going to be beyond exciting (and if you don’t follow me on social media, my links are at the top of the sidebar on the left hand side incl. my Twitter and my Instagram.) NY-wise, I have a full-scale blogging plan for how I’m going to present my trip and all about it when I return but stay tuned for a YouTube video explaining all of that in the coming weeks.
Talking of social media, I did manage to work out how to have anyone add me on Snapchat in the past few weeks and in you want to add me over on there, my Snapchat is shaunnolan and I post on there really frequently so if you want to have a visual representation of what I do in the menial and boring parts of my day (or because my Twitter and Instagram posts just aren’t detailed enough to cover every inch of my life for you) then be my guest. I’ll be posting over on there a lot when I’m in NYC as well, but I think I’ll cover all of that kind of rubbish in another chatty post like this next week.
I like this, do you like this? I can’t really remember a time when I wrote so informally on Shaunyland without trying to sell you something or try and convince you of how much I like a product. So, with that, I’m going to love you and leave you all. Hopefully I haven’t been so informal that this is getting tedious, but I do hope that you’re excited to see where Shaunyland is going to go over the coming weeks. I’m looking forward to producing a whole heap of content greatly, be it in the form of a YouTube video, or in the form of a good old-fashioned blog post. Watch out everyone… I’m home!

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