Must-Have: MaxFactor False Lash Effect Mascara

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this on many different occassions but eye makeup if my favourite kind of makeup. No kind of beauty products make my heart beat faster than the sight of a new and unused eyeshadow palette or the sound of the opening of a new bottle of mascara. Today’s product I’m discussing did just that when I opened the bottle and fantastically, the feeling of love for it hasn’t gone away since I first used it a few years ago. Oh yes everyone, it’s cult favourite: MaxFactor Falsh Lash Effect mascara.
C’mon, if you haven’t heard about this product before then you must be living under a rock. Every beauty blogger under the Sun talks about this product with nothing but high regards and I think it’s become general consensus to love this product, so much so that it probably isn’t mentioned enough. The product’s powers are pretty self-explanatory which is probably a reason why people don’t bother to mention it so much; it gives the effect that you’re wearing false lashes when you’re actually not. However, people seem to fail to mention that this is just the products optimum abilities and they fail to mention that this product does much more than making your lashes look large.
I personally think you can achieve any lash look from this mascara, be it if you’re looking for just length (simply only apply one coat of the stuff), definition (fantastic for bottom lashes) or if you’re looking for incredible volume like it mentions (absolutely coats of the stuff and it never ends up looking clumpy). These versatile qualities that it possesses really is what steals my heart and is why I don’t even bother carrying a second mascara in my makeup bag anymore – this stuff really does it all.
I love the wand as well. It’s easy to grip and have control of as well as being stubby and plastic which I find gets the most out of my lashes. I know that this is a personal preference and specific to each person’s lashes so don’t take my word on how great the brush is per se, but if this kind of thing is your bag then you’ll adore it and application will (weirdly?) be a fun thing to do; it’s the perfect brush for volume, of course.
If you’ve tried this long ago and forgotten about it, or if you’ve never even used it before than I urge you to go and pick up a tube of the stuff next time you’re in Boots. I’d forgotten how much I loved it before I picked it back up on a 3 for 2 recently and I know it’s going to be hard to ween myself off of using it constantly when the time comes to shake up my makeup bag a little. Must-Have? You bet ‘ya.

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