What To Expect From Me in NYC

I’m sure most of you know this already (and if you don’t then where on Earth have you been!?) but I’ve been planning and planning a trip to my dream destination New York City for months and months (nay, years even!) Well, tomorrow is the big day! Oh yes, I’m flying off to New York City tomorrow morning. It’s my first time on a plane (which strangely really doesn’t scare me whatsoever) and of course, it’s my first time in the Big Apple… but more on feeling nostalgic and heart-warmed in a moment.
I want to take a moment to talk about what’s going to go down when I’m in New York on social media and Shaunyland in general. Naturally, as I’m sure you would assume, I’m gonna be sharing my trip everywhere on the internet while I’m there because I’ll be filled with such excitement so I thought I’d give you a heads up on where I’ll be posting stuff if you’re interested and what kind of things I’ll be posting where. Of course, you’ll find most of the information about what I’m up to and pictures to go with that over on Twitter (@shaunycat). As I’m sure you can imagine, you will not miss a single thing that I’m up to if you follow me over on there be it the food I’m eating, the sights I’m seeing, or the Broadway shows I’m watching. Don’t miss out!
If you’re looking for a heck of a lot of pictures then my Instagram (shaunynolan) is where it’s at. I’m going to be posting almost every nice picture that I take over on there around the clock over the five days I’m in the city so be sure to be following me over on there to be kept in the loop – there will definitely be times where I won’t be tweeting the pictures I’m posting on there because I’ll be so busy! My Snapchat (shaunnolan) will be a similar case but you’ll probably get even more seen over on there. I’m essentially going to film and take pictures of a lot and then post them on my story in one big go when I get WiFi. If you follow me over on there at shaunnolan then you’ll be able to watch my story immediately.
Other than that, I won’t be posting anywhere else on the trip. I know I’ve been saying I’ve been dedicated to Shaunyland again so much these past few days but naturally, I’m taking this as a proper break so blogging will not resume until next Wednesday when I’ll post a new blog post up on here. As for vlogs, videos about New York and blog posts, I’m doing a YouTube video for the Sunday after this one coming explaining everything – eeeek!
I don’t think you even need to know me all too well to understand how excited I am for this trip and how elated I am that this is really happening. I’ve dreamed of this day for as long as I can remember and I’ll finally be jetting off to Broadway after 16 years of waiting. This is a dream come true, and the first step of many that I’ll be making towards my future in New York, and I simply can’t wait to share these foundation steps with all of you.
Watch out New York: here I come!

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