Welcome to American Month!

The time has finally arrived! If you watched the video I uploaded to my YouTube channel on Sunday (and if you didn’t, link is here) then you will have heard me mention the concept of American Month. It was an idea I came up with back in May actually and it’s a way of showing you exactly what I got up to on my trip of a lifetime to New York the other week whilst hopefully not annoying everyone but not shutting up about it. So today, instead of jumping right in at the deep end and getting going with something on one of the blogs or on YouTube, I thought I’d take my time to introduce you all to the concept and how the month will play out because if you’ve been reading Shaunyland for a while, you will know that I have a serious problem for explaining what I plan to do and never actually doing it… oops.

On Mondays, I plan on taking to this blog and sharing a beauty review with you of a product that I bought whilst in America and have tried and tested sharing with you both my opinions and many a picture of the product and its capabilities. This is actually pretty standard as far as beauty reviews go and I’ll be doing the same kind of thing on Wednesdays and Saturdays as well on the most part.

On Tuesdays, I’ve decided I’ll use Shaunyland on YouTube and try and do something that isn’t relevant to American Month to keep the flow of standard videos going smoothly. This might be a beauty video of some sort or a chatty video or a vlog… it’s literally the same as Sundays normally are over on YouTube.

Thursdays will be the day that I take to Shaun’s Musical Musings to review a show that I caught in New York; I saw five shows and there are five Thursdays this month which seems pretty apt. It seems as though 4/5 of the shows I saw in New York are planning on making a West End debut in the coming years so if you are a fan of theatre and you live in the UK then these reviews will actually probably be pretty relevant to what you could possibly see.

Fridays will see me heading back over to YouTube where each week, I’ll be sharing a vlog of each day that I made whilst I was in New York. I did actually say in the video where I mentioned American Month that this would be each Wednesday, but I soon decided that it would be much nicer to do it on a Friday. Not only because people watch YouTube more comfortably on a Friday, but also because it would mean my final New York vlog would conclude American Month, too. Sundays will also see me using YouTube to promote American month and I’ll be doing a sit-down video on my trip each weekend. It currently looks as though this will be prominently orientated towards beauty (led by my Sephora, Bath & Body Works and American Drugstore Haul this weekend) but if you have any other suggestions on what you’d like me to pull together then please feel free to let me know in the comments below.

I do hope you enjoy American Month as much as I am enjoying pulling it all together. Those five days in New York were the best five days of my life, and I can’t wait to share the experience with you.

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