Worth The Hype: Josie Maran Argan Color Stick

I make it very obvious in YouTube videos and blog posts that eye makeup is my favourite kind of makeup, but cheek colour comes a very close second. After I apply my foundation and concealer in the morning, I’m left with a totally blank canvas to work with so adding colour to my cheeks, highlighting certain parts of my face and bronzing the rest, makes me look all the more human again. That’s why I’m on the search for a blusher than can last me all day through the summer months and a cream blusher that looked natural and was easy to use was an essential, and along came the Josie Maran Argan Color Stick in Spice.
This caught my eye immediately in Sephora because I have such a thing for quite brown toned blushers (plus, the packing is rose gold!? Irresistable!). When I finally got home and got around to trying it, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for as well. Colour doesn’t come off of the stick with so much ease that it’s slipping around your face, but it pays off enough colour to make the application manageable and precise. The blending process is also pretty easy as well; I like to take my Real Techniques Contour Brush just to blend the colour in and it blends in as easily as a cream eyeshadow would which was important to me. The finish that was left afterwards was also incredibly important to me and I was glad to realised that the blush colour looks so natural and it is in no way obvious whatsoever that blusher has been applied; it was absolutely seamless.
The longevity of this product under great heat proved to be good as well, which considering was the main reason I was looking for a cream blusher in the first place, I was very happy indeed. I’d say that because the blusher clearly blends in and works with the foundation on your cheeks almost entirely that it lasts as long as your foundation lasts; if you were to apply a layer of primer beforehand, it would obviously last longer, but you don’t need to top it up throughout the day.
All in all, this gorgeous nude warm brown shade is perfect for my skin tone and is a dream as far as the product itself though. It’s such a shame that Josie Maran isn’t so readily available here in the UK because I’d love to give more colour sticks from the line a go. If you get a chance to go to the US this summer then you need this – it’s awesome.

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