Milani Rose Powder Blush in Romantic Rose

I think we all have come to learn now that when the picture of me on a blog post is an awkward one, the product is a good one (the picture was actually taken at 2:20am the other night, which is obviously a terrible time to be taking pictures for a blog post). The product in question today though, is the Milani Rose Powder Blush in Romantic Rose, a product that I chose over the famous baked blushes from the line because it is such a stunning product in the packaging.
C’mon, you can’t deny that that rose shaped packaging is absolutely stunning and I would’ve been an idiot to have not picked it up. With three shades in the range, I went for the most dusky pink colour (there was also a brighter pink and a coral colour) and the colour on the cheeks is pretty true to the one in the pan. A thing to note though: don’t go in heavy-handedly. This stuff is extremely pigmented (which I learned the hard way) and you seriously need next to none to get the effect on my cheeks in the picture above; a natural flush that looks healthy and happy.
I find it hard to assess what makes a good blush and a bad blush because unless it doesn’t last for a long time or it doesn’t give off very much colour at all, it seems to work like a pretty good blusher to me. What stood out to me most about this Milani blush though, is how long-lasting it was for a powder blush. I’d normally find that the blush would have faded by about three of four hours into wearing. With this one? I think I could get through an entire school/working day and still have the remnants of this colour – I’m more than impressed.
If you’re hopping across the pond and you want to get your hands on something that looks both lovely on your dresser and lovely on your cheeks, this product is the way to go. In fact, just take a look at the entire Milani line; it’s absolutely stunning.

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