Hand Care at Bath & Body Works

If we all know Bath & Body Works for something, most people would either say their wide range of fantastic candles or their equally wide range of incredible hand sanitizers and products to go alongside them. Now, though candles do excite me slightly and I did buy a couple while I was in the States, it wasn’t a patch on my passion for hand sanitizers and how cute they all were. So, instead of talking about hand sanitizer for an entire blog post, I thought I’d share with you a full hand care routine that Bath & Body Works have to offer and how good that really is…

Let’s start by talking about the obvious stuff: hand sanitizers. I love me some good smelling hand sanitizer and I definitely went through a phase a few years back when I would use it so frequently that the scent of Soap & Glory Hand Maid was probably my signature scent because people in class would turn right to me the moment they smelled that familiar scent from the back of the classroom. This new wave of sanitizer in my life though is going to change that and especially the gorgeous Fresh Strawberries scent that is already in my sanitizer holder from B&BW on the right hand side of the picture. The scent is such a pure smell of strawberries that I will sometimes just smell the lid of the bottle to be reminded of the gorgeous scent. The same goes with the rest of the sanitizers too even though they’re yet to go into rotation in the infamous sanitizer holder; Dancing Waters is a personal favourite that’s gorgeously fresh.

Something that interested me the moment I got to the till was the Japanese Cheery Blossom spray hand sanitizer that’s pictured on the left hand side of the picture. The idea is that instead of squirting the liquid into your palms from the smaller bottles, you spray the sanitizer onto your hand like a body mist and rub them together. I won’t lie to you: when I first saw this, I thought it would be a crap gimmick and only bought it because I’d never seen something like this before… boy was I wrong. I actually prefer spraying this onto my hands instead of using a gel consistency. Not only is it easier to control how much you’re putting onto your hands because the amount is measured in equal sprays, but the stuff is also much less messy and your hands stop feeling clammy and wet after seconds, which is something that I find isn’t present with the gel ones. I need some of this available in the UK because it’s life changing.

Last but not least was the one thing I bought purely because the smell sounded incredible… Watermelon Lemonade hand cream!? That sounds like the best thing ever! Annoyingly though, I don’t know where they got the lemonade idea from because this stuff smells of pure watermelon and is extremely strong, which makes it easy to measure how much to use because if the smell is too pungent then you know you’ve used too much. Much like most other hand creams, your hands do feel slightly clammy after using it, but not as much as my beloved Soap & Glory Hand Food which I used to be absolutely hooked to so in that sense, this stuff is a successful product as well as a scent.

Oh how I wish we had Bath & Body Works in the UK. Now I’ve tried everything out  and have fallen in love with it all, I can’t help but want to go back into there and repurchase some bits as well as try out some new stuff. Annoying, but head down to a B&BW when you’re next in America (I went to the one by Grand Central Terminal) because after all, you don’t know what you’re missing.

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