Not So Eye-Catching: Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara

When trying to choose a new mascara, I’m in the market for three things: great lengthening qualities because I find long lashes so desirable, fantastic separation because they are in no way as impressive when they’re all clumped together, and extreme volume because nothing looks weirder than having spiders’ legs for eyelashes. I’ve only ever really managed to find this in the MaxFactor False Lash Effect mascara which I adore so much but even then, I’d need the help of another mascara or two to get me through. The YSL Baby Doll mascara also came very close too, but unfortunately fell short. Today is another one of those products: one that very nearly is exactly what I want and fits into the job description of being a triple-threat perfectly, but unfortunately has one or two small flaws that make it miss the mark by a touch.

The Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara does half of the things in my job description with great success. Separating is what this wand does perfectly and my lashes always look evenly spread across my eyelids after using it, so much so that I’ll use this whenever I use False Lash Effect to give the separated look. It only does half of another job which is to lengthen my lashes. In a sense, my lashes do technically look a bit longer after application, but no more than any cheaper mascara would do for me. There is no great lengthening quality behind this stuff unless you really work at it and apply about five coats of the stuff. Even after that, I had to use a bit of False Lash Effect (for the look in the picture) to make my eyelashes look somewhat more visible than they would be without mascara; volume is something that this little green tube really does struggle to produce.

All in all, I don’t really have much more to say about this stuff other than it’s pretty rubbish for how much it cost. If I could give it one task for the rest of its life? I’d call it a ‘top up’ mascara – a mascara that I’d carry around with me if I was going out somewhere in the evening and would use it to top up the mascara that I had on already. For the subtle effect it gives, I wouldn’t say it’s actually worth using it as a day to day mascara on its own. #disappointing.

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